Exciting Updates!

Your Guide to the Latest SliderStock Features!

24 April 2024

The team at SliderStock are thrilled to announce the launch of a variety of new features to take our users online auction experience to the next level!  

Our team have been hard at work improving and creating these new features to provide our users with an even smoother, more secure and ultimately more enjoyable auction experience!  

These include:  

Ticketing function: Our brand-new ticketing feature will enable users to sell event tickets through the platform, giving them the option to keep all event related transactions in one place!  

Live Auction Tab: Bidders can now experience the thrill of live bidding like never before with our new Live Auction Tab. This feature will enable users/event organisers to display a list of live auction items available on the evening of their event!  

Enhanced Security: Our users and online bidders security is our top priority. We’ve implemented additional security measures to safeguard users information and ensure a safe and secure auction environment!  

“Impulse” bidding option: This feature will provide bidders with suggested bid amounts! Whilst making bidding easier this feature will also encourage higher bids to help improve and maximise fundraising totals!  

Sponsors Page: Our brand-new sponsors page will enable users to thank and showcase their event sponsors!  


Soon to be added! 

Optional Service Charge: We believe in giving our users flexibility. With the introduction of our optional service charge feature, users can now choose whether or not to include a service charge on their transactions to cover platform fees. 


These are just a few of the exciting updates we've implemented to enhance our users and online bidders auction experience and we remain committed to continually improving our platform to provide users with the best possible service.  

It costs only £150 + VAT per month to have all these new features on an unlimited basis!  

If you’re a current user and would like to find out more about these features or are a new user interested in running online auctions please get in touch with the team: 07983 682749 or hello@sliderstock.com